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Torrent Video Splitter is a video editing tool for Windows
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Torrent Video Splitter is a video editing tool. It can be used both for splitting a video file into several different parts, as the application's name suggests, and to cut video clips. A splitter generally allows you to create two video files from a single one, while a video cutter allows you to make a shorter video clip from a video file. Both operations can be done using this tool. Since this should primarily be a video splitter, there are a few missing features. For example, there is no way to tell the application to automatically create two clips of the same duration. Some people just want to split videos in half, for example. Also, there is no indication as to the size of the videos that will be created by this tool, which is another common use for video splitters; that is to say, to split large video files into two to burn them on CDs or DVDs.

Those missing features aside, this application does a great job of processing video and of letting you select the parts that you want to split or cut. It has excellent file format support. The files will be saved in the same format as the input file.

José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • It supports cutting and splitting
  • It is very fast


  • Missing some splitting options
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